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Under & 1 item 1 of the Agreement of Cooperation, students of the UW who are pursuing parallel

studies at Warsaw University of Technology and students of Warsaw University of Technology

pursuing parallel studies at the UW may apply for the recognition of credit obtained for completion

of a language course at one institution at the other institution.


Similarly, students of parallel studies may aplly for the recognition of a B2 or higher language exam

passed at one institution at the other institution.


Students interested in course or exam credit recognition should present an examination card or their

academic record book with the appropriate entry (course, level according to CEFR, grade) to the

head of language section at the UW Centre for Foreign Language Teaching during his/her office



The fact that the student has completed a language course or passed a certification exam at 

Warsaw University of Technology will be shown in the tab "Decisions" of the USOS system.

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