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     Traditional language courses (containing exclusively of classroom sessions)

and blended language courses (consisting of classroom sessions and on-line activities in equal half)

are run on the yearly basis

    Students who have registered for the winter semester,


for the summer semester (even if they do not have any tokens left,

in which case they will be charged a fee of 702 PLN

 E-courses and fully-internet language courses are run on the semester basis

Registration at the beginning of the summer semester enables students to change

a traditional or blended class and to enrol for a new semester- or year-long course,

beginning in the middle of the academic year

Students register and unregister for courses on their own (through token

registration), exclusively during a registration round


On the grounds of Resolution No 119 of the UW Senate of 17 June 2009 on the University System

of Language Provision, obligatory langugage courses, which are available to full-time students on

the same terms, are organized by:

- Faculty of Applied Linguistics

- Faculty of Modern Languages

- Faculty of Oriental Studies

- Faculty of Polish Studies

- Centre  for Foreign Language Teaching   

- Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education


1. The units authorized to provide obligatory language courses present their offers of courses

   available to UW students on the Internet.

2. Students are entitled to 240 hours of foreign language instruction financed from the University's


3. Foreign students studying at the UW are entitled to foreign language instruction on the same 

    terms as Polish students.

4. The student can choose a course from the offer of obligatory language courses according to the

    requirement of his faculty or institute and his/her own needs, however, the student's parent unit

    cannot restrict the freedom of the student's choice by imposing a strict study plan.

5. Student accounts are set up by dean offices, which also give access passwords. 



Students who started their first-cycle studies or long second-cycle studies in the academic year

2005/2006 or in later years, are obligated to pass an exam in at least one foreign language of their

choice at the minimum level of B2 by the end of their  third year of studies.


The competent units organise language exam twice a year in case of popular languages and at least

once a year less popular languages (see Resolution No 119 of the UW Senate).


7. Students can participate iny any number of paid language courses offered by the University.

Students who started their studies in the academic year 2005/2006 and subsequent years need

to obtain a University Certificate of Language Proficiency, in compliance with Resolution No341 of

the UW Senate

     While choosing a language course the students should be guided by its content and objectives,

as indicated in course descriptions. Proficiency levels of language courses are described by means

of the following letter symbols:

A1 - the beginner's level, starting form"0"

A2 - the basic level ("false beginners")

B1- the intermediate level 

B2- the upper-intermediate

C1- the advanced level

C2- the very advanced level



The letter symbol in the course code (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) designates the target level of the 

course to be reached in a given academic year, i.e. the level its participants should reach at the end

of the course. Having met all the course requirements (regular class attendance, receiving a positive

grade on all test, doing all home assignments and assigned, reading and individual work)


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