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I. Language courses

1. The language courses offered have been extended to two semesters or 120 hours.

2. One half of the cost of language courses is covered by the doctoral fellow, the other by the 


3. After obtaining credit for two semesters (120h) of a language course, each participant receives

    4 ECTS points.

4. Registration for the chosen language course is done by the doctoral fellow, through the token

    registration system.

5. Registration is possible only during a round of token registration.


II. Language examination in the PhD awarding procedure [more]


III. Language examinations

1. All UW doctoral fellows are allotted 2 free exam tokens.

2. UW doctoral fellows are obliged to pass a modern language exam at the C1 level.

3. All those taking a certification exam are required to pass both the written and oral parts.

4. For passing the certification exam, each doctoral fellow will receive 2 ECTS points.

5. In order to receive an examination token, the student is obliged to contact the office of the

    Rector's Deputy for Organization of Foreign Language Provision

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