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    Since September 10th 2007 the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching recognizes grades 

on external language certificates exams as equivalents to those obtained on internal exams and 

enter these grades in students' academic record book [Annex to the Ordinance No 59 of the Rector

of 1 December 2014]. Students who wish to use this option must present the original copy of the



Grades from external certificates are entered into the USOS system under the tab "Decisions"


I.I. UW students who hold a language certificate included in the list of accepted certificates are

     exempt  from taking the UW Certification Exam.


I.II. UW doctoral candidates who hold a certificate at the C1 level or higher which is included in the

       above list are exempt from taking the UW Certification Exam.


II.I. Students of part-time extramural studies who hold a language certificated mentioned in

       Ordinance No 59 of the Rector of 1 December 2014 are exempt for the obligation to take a course

       of the language which they hold the certificate. However, they can still take part in a language

       course of another language offered by the University system of language provision for the

       language provision for the language course tokens they have.


II.II Fulfilling the requirements to pass a foreign language exam by presenting a language certificate

       gives the student 2 ECTS points, the same amount as for a UW examination.


The above applies to students who started their studies in the academic year 2011/2012 and later


III. Based on Ordinance No 4 of the Rector of 18 January 2012, students of philological, linguistic,

     and cultural studies can earn a grade on the basis of an external language certificate in case

     of a language other than the main language of their studies


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