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In accordance with Directive No. 4 of the UW Rector, every UW student, after passing a foreign

language examination during his/her studies, can obtain a document confirming his/her language

competences according to the proficiency scale set in the document by the Council of Europe: 

"A Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment"


This document has the form of a supplement to the diploma of the University of Warsaw diploma, 

issued in Polish and foreign language versions. The supplement also confirms completion of a 

specific-puropose language course and the acquisition of specialist foreign language skills for law, 

economics or journalism.


Caution: the Directive applies to exams taken in the summer session of 2002/3 and later.


Based on the decision of the UW Rector, Prof. K.A. Wojtaszczyk, it has been acknowledged that

the central UW examination  in foreign languages the the B2 level or higher passed in the years

2002/2003 - 2005/2006 and confirmed by the diploma supplement meets the criteria set in the

UW Senate Resolution No 341 of 22 June 2005 for the award of bachelor's or master's degrees

by the University of Warsaw.


Students beginning their studies in the year 2005/2006 and later  should apply for the Language 

Proficiency Certificate, issued by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching .

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