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We would like to inform you that by virtue of the Oridinance of the Prime Minister of 16 December

2009, the Certificate of Lanugage Proficiency issued by the University of Warsaw is now included

in the list of documents certifying the knowledge of a foreign language that are taken into account

while recruiting for a job in civil services.


 1st year students are obligated to pass a foreign language examination at the level of B2 or higher

by the end of their 3rd year of studies, unless the curriculum of their studies stipulates otherwise.


Since October 1st 2009, on the grounds of Resolution No 119 of the UW Senate of 17 June 2009 

on the University System of Foreign Language Provision and language proficiency certification,

the organization of the language exams and the entering of the results into the USOS system has

been the responsability of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching.

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