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      Traditional language courses (consisting only of classroom sessions) as well as blended courses

(consisting of half the activities done online and half in the classroom) are run in one year cycles.

     Students who have registered for the winter semester will be automatically registered to

continue in the summer semester (even if the student has no tokens left, which will result in a

825,60 PLN payment).

    On the grounds of the UW Senate Resolution No 119 of 17 June 2009, as well as in accordance 

with the education standards and study plans and curricula, students of the second cycle

can only participate in language courses againts payment.


                                E-courses and fully online courses are run in semester cycles.

   Registration at the beginning of the summer semester enables changing a traditional or blended

course as well as enrolling for a new semester or annual course beginning in the middle of the 

academic year.

    The student registers and unregisters by him/herself using the token registration system 

exclusively during the registration rounds.

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